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uh, remember that thing i said about the co-option of Occupy?

this "music festival" is happening in mid-may, actively soliciting donations.... and charging $35-$55 admission.

no lineup has been announced, though they are careful to clarify that there will be international acts.

from their site:
The Occupy Festival is endorsed by the Occupy Chicago organization. The festival is contributing to the Occupy movement by donating 50% of all profits to Occupy Chicago.

If you support the cause, help keep it alive:


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state of the union drinking game

we can watch the SOTU address tonight live here:

though i have to admit, i haven't listened to enough obama to familiarize myself with his favorite buzzwords, so i can't really think of what to use as the phrase that pays. except "i want to make this clear," he does enjoy saying that. any suggestions?

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habeas corpus officially suspended indefinitely today.

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