The Truth of the Crying Writer in a Messy House All Year

Today I have to buy a bunch of snacks for my girlfriend's kids' New Years party, before all the stores close. This entails going to several stores in search of the flavor of Taki's (a kind of Mexican spicy neon colored chip) that is (seemingly) vegan. I am happy to do it, would do it on foot or bike or bus for that moment when they see that boring old granola Katie has brought them their treasured “junk” food.


This week TMM talks to Rachel Reynolds about her beautiful audio-autobiographical essay on pregnancy called Ultrasound, and about her interest in oral history as a feminist practice. Rachel is Educations Programs Manager for the (In)Visible Memoirs Project, a literary outreach program that nurtures aspiring writers in underserved communities. Listen now.


Eat, pray, love? Try cook, clean, burn. This Manic Mama talks to Barbara Stewart about her book Campie, a true life account of what happens when a person is pushed to the edge - literally. When it all goes south, you can always go north.

Listen now.

Because I Love Her: 34 Women Writers Reflect on the Mother-Daughter Bond by Maria Rowan

Ever read one of those book or film reviews and think “That review is as much about the reviewer as anything else.” This is one of those reviews, but then as the mother of a daughter and the daughter of a mother, it would be dishonest to say I could approach Andrea N. Richesin’s Because I Love Her: 34 Women Writers Reflect on the Mother-Daughter Bond any other way.

My Mother Wears Combat Boots

Also: is punk still not dead? Nope, it's still not dead and won't ever die. There are armies of young punks all over the world creating and reaffirming for themselves a vibrant subculture of what punk is, making their own scene instead of waiting to consume one that is manufactured, advertised and sold to them.

Future Generation Interview by Stacey Greenberg

Before the internet made it easier to network with other alternative parents, before there was a genre of mama zines, or even Hip Mama, there was "The Future Generation: The Zine for Subculture Parents, Kids, Friends & Others." Created by China Martens in 1990 (after the birth of her daughter in 1988), the zine was unlike any other. Her mother, who read to her from as early as one month old and fashioned cut-and-paste picture books for her as a toddler, was her original zinester influence.

Smoke Inhalation by Gayle Brandeis

It is 11:00 in the morning, but it looks like sunset, the air tinged with an eerie orange-gray light. Southern California is on fire, and we are breathing it in. Yesterday, my son wanted to bring his scooter outside. He put on goggles, wrapped an Ace bandage around his mouth. It wasn't enough protection against the smoke as far as we were concerned.


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