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videos, empathy, and opportunity

Sat, 09/03/2011 - 02:24 -- Bee

The other night we were watching videos from the 90's, and I remain amazed.

Now that my daughter is 21 I have had many opportunities to test my theories in a practical environment. Summary findings: I would never treat anyone the way I was treated in my youth. The fact that there is a filmed record of those years is fantastic because it demonstrates that I wasn't crazy. I was just in a very bad situation.

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Sun, 10/03/2010 - 21:00 -- Bee

This epic move to the Big City has detracted from the more urgent fact that my kid is leaving home for university.

Dismay! Regret! Poignant moments galore!

She has been camping amidst the boxes in my living room while trying to find a flat. What, you say - shouldn't she have a dorm room? Why no. That would be too civilised. Apparently freshers (many literally fresh from the countryside) should be able to magically conjure accommodation without any assistance or advice from the institution, in the most expensive city on the planet.

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