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Festivus Holiday wishes, and tips for creating your own celebration

happy festivus season everyone! here are some great tips on hosting your own festivus celebration, including some for those of us with no class.

festivus montage for nostalgia's sake:

now for tips on your own festivus celebration, you will have to go to the yo*tube channel to see it because embedding is disabled. if you have autoplay enabled, you will see all four in succession, but never fear, i have them all linked:

How to Celebrate Festivus:

The Christmas Card By Drucilla Blood

Perhaps I'm being covetous here. I know comparisons are odious. And, quite honestly, I know that this is a transient feeling. Tomorrow I will wake up tough as nails and ready to just be and love and fight and rejoice. And I know I sincerely enjoy living that way. But for now there's something soft in me that just wants to be massaged. That wants ease. That wants to surrender. That just doesn't want to fucking have to be strong.

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