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one night only

Fri, 04/20/2012 - 15:15 -- Bee

Alert! You have a rare opportunity to hear me read! One night only in London!

April 23, 7-9. More information about the show:

Golden Brothers by STS
Golden Brothers is the debut novel of musician (The Haggard, Cadallaca), zine writer (Way Down Low, The Gay Hotel, Nightmare Girl) and Queercore activist STS. Eileen Myles says "Golden Brothers is made out of the strange uncommon beauty that fills the empty spaces outside of capitalism. Scenes change swiftly as music. Life and death are moments.

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May 18 action: #LAUGHRIOT

as i noted, the G8 and NATO summits were both to be taking place in Chicago in May. G8 was moved to the safety of camp david, but NATO will still take place there.

there are, i'm sure, tons of actions being planned.

read here about #LAUGHRIOT wherein people are asked to come up with coordinated comedic actions for May 18 in towns and cities everywhere.

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uh, remember that thing i said about the co-option of Occupy?

this "music festival" is happening in mid-may, actively soliciting donations.... and charging $35-$55 admission.

no lineup has been announced, though they are careful to clarify that there will be international acts.

from their site:
The Occupy Festival is endorsed by the Occupy Chicago organization. The festival is contributing to the Occupy movement by donating 50% of all profits to Occupy Chicago.

If you support the cause, help keep it alive:


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Global Revolution, Occupy Wall Street's livestreaming operation, raided, evicted and arrested

Global Revolution, which has been live streaming Occupy Wall Street since the day it started - before even, because i remember tuning in early and seeing tutorials on protest tactics and how to deal with police - has had their Brooklyn studio raided. six people were arrested. the city went to the length of condemning the building, though no one else in the building was evicted.

read about it here:

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to the leaders of the global financial markets: WE RUN THIS

Anonymous 101: a writer "embeds" with Occupy and Anonymous and gives a decent primer in three parts

so... some criticize but any source will have its shortcomings and if you need to get up to speed on Anonymous, this is a good place to start. it's a three part series (only two parts done so far), it's comprehensive, so you may want to bookmark it and come back to it later for the other two parts.

think 21 century yippies, merry pranksters, this sort of thing, for the digital age. it's good stuff, and they have a lot more in store for us in 2012.

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Police's bizarre supoena to Twitter for Occupy Boston participants' personal data, begets an even more bizarre court proceeding.

don't know if you heard about the strange subpoena to twitter for the personal data of users associated with Occupy Boston. it generated many chuckles in its ignorance, kinda like your grandmother asking you what it means to google something...
see here


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