Orderly Disorder

Today This Manic Mama talks to former Bitch publisher Debbie Rasmussen about her Fly Away Zine Mobile and the Orderly Disorder: Zinester Librarians in Circulation Summer 2011 Tour.
Debbie is combining her childhood dream of being a trucker with her grownup dream of spreading the values of cooperation, love, and critical thinking by turning her tiny truck into a tiny zine mobile. She’s an organizer, facilitator, accordion player, the former publisher of Bitch: Feminist Response to Pop Culture, and an avid furniture rearranger who would love to help you organize your space better. Though her own form of self-publishing has evolved from zines to blogs and videos, her heart will always be rooted in the world of print. (shamelessly stolen from Debbie's Zinester Librarian bio)
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