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5 months from now

When I wake up in the morning, I won't immediately go to work as soon as, or possibly even before, my feet hit the ground. I won't walk into a kitchen filled with dirty dishes because *someone* forgot to unload the dishwasher, and the dish drainer, consequently leaving no room for me load dirty dishes into the dishwasher or clean dishes into the dish drainer. I won't have to remind anyone to do any chores. I won't have to listen to another muthafuckin' Beyonce song. Ever. Food that I buy and work to prepare will not go uneaten. There will be NO McDildo's containers in my fridge.

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Mesiah Hameed

This is a story about my kid's friend, Mesiah, who was brutalized and an anti-police brutality protest in New York.

I can't watch the video. She is a sweet, quirky, soft-spoken teenager.

Here you can see Mesiah (red and white stripes) and T-Dizzle (white tank top, long hair, red bandana) dancing at a Destiny Arts Center show, from a couple of years ago.

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May 18 action: #LAUGHRIOT

as i noted, the G8 and NATO summits were both to be taking place in Chicago in May. G8 was moved to the safety of camp david, but NATO will still take place there.

there are, i'm sure, tons of actions being planned.

read here about #LAUGHRIOT wherein people are asked to come up with coordinated comedic actions for May 18 in towns and cities everywhere.

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College update

She's going to SF State. Went there to day to meet her academic adviser. Came home to her financial aid offer. 1/2 grants, some work study and the rest loans. Working madly on some scholarships. Please vibe us for more money and for her to get into the on-campus housing. Thanks!

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man with fire

I am appreciating fully that I need a man with fire. Date last night with perfectly cool guy. Yes COOL in a few senses of the word. Good looking, professional, good hearted, responsible dad. No fire. If they don't have fire I'll burn em to a crisp. So they gotta have fire. Just putting that out to the Uni.


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wish fulfillment

Sun, 03/25/2012 - 15:12 -- Bee

There are very few places in the known universe where a woman with two black eyes and a sliced up forehead can go without risking comment, stares, revulsion.

The weekend after my surgery, I found one of those places.

Where? Cardiff, Wales. Or to be more specific: the official Doctor Who Convention, which was a fantastic adventure nearly beyond belief.

Every single one of my childhood dreams will be fulfilled. Systematically.

The second morning that included transport to the film set, where I nearly melted with joy as I wandered around the Tardis:

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Our Costa Rican Family

I have had a hard time writing about Costa Rica. I have no wise words to say about it. I traveled and related open, without my own agenda nor expectations, just listening to cues from within and without and all worked out. This is just the beginning of something much more enduring that will take many years to unfold.

I am spent my last days in Costa Rica back in San Ramon. The first day felt strained between Jonathan (R’s dad) and I, but by the next day everything was easy again.

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not vulnerable

I've had a profile on a dating site for months and months now. I haven't been asked out on a date, I've only had two or three people send messages to me, and I've only had a couple people respond when I write. I happened to look at my "personality" bar graph page, and the top thing, the most glaring was "more arrogant". Hmmm. The second on the list is "more kind". Kind and arrogant. I feel like I'm collecting a stack of green apple cards at the end of a game of "apples to apples". Clearly, their algorithm doesn't work for me.


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