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rocked the audit

Spent 5 hours w/ the Tax Man for the random research audit today. He said I was extremely organized and that everything checked out well, overall. I have to say, i feel really proud of myself. On top of running a business, supporting us, and all the single mama challenges, I'm also running a tight ship. Of course wishing I hadn't won this "lotto" and wishing big corps would get it rather then me, spending two spend weeks prepping and and not sleeping and cancelling clients. But I have to say the auditor was nice and not aggressive or on some power trip.

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it's been on my mind recently as a good friend of mine struggles with her relationship either falling apart, or turning a corner. she keeps in touch with me - sporadically - just defeated by the hurt, the implications for the future if they can't stay together, the whole thing is kicking her ass. i found myself telling her that you don't have to forgive everything your partner does to stay together. that staying together is something independent of whether you can make peace with something that happened. and it occurs to me that this is new information even for me.

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Bike ride today!

Sun, 04/15/2012 - 09:47 -- Susan

Going out for a bike ride today. Can't wait to get on the trail and see the new upgrade part of it. Then later, I think we're maybe going to REI to get the little one a new bike that fits. She learned to ride last year at the tail end of the summer on a bike that only just barely fit her and her little muppet legs.

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definitely counting down the days

went to a "sneak peek" at SFSU with T-Dizzle today. Campus tour, tour of the Theater Arts dept, presentation on studying abroad, etc. Ate some crappy, expensive food, listened to other people's bad, loud music on public transit. Felt like kid was hiding behind me all day, and also being very judgmental about everything that I did (like ask questions about costume design classes while we were getting a tour of the costume design shop. sheesh, mom, why do you have to ask so many questions?)

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punk rock grats

1. The Outhouse in Lawrence, KS. A former tractor barn in the middle of a corn field that, in the 80's, was turned into a DIY punk venue. I went there, because, this one time in band camp, I started dating a cute punk guy from Lawrence, and he took me to The Outhouse when I went to visit him. In the past few years, I have had such great conversations with a couple of cute guys from the Lawrence area who have been thrilled to talk to someone about The Outhouse. It's now a strip club. (insert whatever commentary you want about that)
2. As always, my awesome clients.

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woke up at 6am to the smell of cat shit. the foster cat, the one that my kid loves, the kid who's moving in the fall, the asshole cat, he pooped in my front hall and dug up dirt from the plant that he's already almost killed by peeing in the plant pot--I just repotted the damn thing, had to toss out all of the dirt and the old pot and save just what was on the root ball (this is a 5 foot tall Dracaena)and add new dirt and put it all in a new pot.
made the kid clean up the poop.
went back to bed.


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