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new babies

Sun, 10/12/2003 - 18:44 -- robin

Has anyone had any new babies since the previous version of hipmama shut down?

I had another, this past June, her name is Matilda, she joins her older sister Tallulah, who is now almost 3.

(my previous usernames were rmsd & milkmonkey)

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Oh crap.

Sat, 10/11/2003 - 12:54 -- Susan

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy fox. Now is the time for all good (wo)men to come to the aid of their country...

Ok. My keyboard still seems to work despite the fact that Madeleine just dumped a double sized cuppa tea on it. Whew! Not something you want to lose when you're working on a big paper!

Go baby, go baby, go baby GO!

"Do not forget. Remember and warn"
-- Plaque fixed to the hollow shell of Sarajevo's National Library

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MY song of the day...

Sat, 10/11/2003 - 11:41 -- Susan

It's gorgeous, & completely creepy.

by A Perfect Circle, lyrics Maynard James Keenan
From the album "Thirteenth Step"

Don't fret precious I'm here
Step away from the window
Go back to sleep

Lay your head down child
I won't let the boogeyman come
Counting bodies like sheep
To the rhythm of the war drums
Pay no mind to the rabble
Pay no mind to the rabble
Head down, go to sleep
To the rhythm of the war drums

Pay no mind what other voices say
They don't care about you
Like I do
Like I do
Safe from pain -- truth -- choice
and other poison devils


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