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new and trying to find community

yup. i am also new to the blog thing. I have just registered but I have been reading stuff on the hipmama webpage for a while. I have a 6 month old and am trying to find peace within myself about staying home. Mostly I just need to find a community that I feel comfortable with. In one of Ariel's books there is a quote "if it takes a villiage to raise a child where's my village?" I am in that boat these days. I keep trying to meet people-(i feel like i am dating again).

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Hey- new here

Wed, 10/22/2003 - 08:14 -- katg

So, I found hipmama a bit to late, so I went over to Girlmom, where I currently am an active member of the community.
I'm Kat (as may be evident from my screen name!) I'm a 22 year old mama, with a daughter, Zoe, who's 16 months old.
I live in Chicago, temporarly, but am from Minnesota. I live with my two gay roommates, who are engaged, and their two cats.
I helped to found RAMBL, and have a 'zine called "The Bean and I", which comes out sometimes when I have time to finish it.
Well, I think that's it!
I can't wait to get to know all of you!

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Testing my sig line - thats all

---well I thought I was - it doesnt seem to come up at all. Oh well -No Biggy.
We're all playing hooky this morning. No school - Im putting work off till at least noon. We we're thinking about going out to breakfast, but that would require leaving the house, which isnt a possibilty.

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manic mama

wow, after how many days? 5-6, i'm in girlmom/mamaphonic withdrawl. big time!!
sooo glad this is up and running. i love you bee. great job. it looks awesome.
when is the next hipmama out? the "fall" issue?
it;s 3 am, i can't sleep, and now this is way too exciting!!!

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The sugar bowl

The sugar bowl

Waking up to the kicks of a new life, no job, no school but also no money, I feel a bit stranded sometimes more than free.

But on a clear cold day in Holland after a lazy breakfast in my Aunt’s kitchen I set off on my own small mission.

We need a sugar bowl.
As I waddle down to the Centrum with a long stride that seems to cradle the baby into a calm sleep, I am completely aware of my utter “ridiculousity,� as my evil twin would put it. But I decide to make it an adventure, an absurdly banal quest, instead of a testament to the barrenness of my life as a pregnant Auslander.


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