sentimental & specious

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Sat, 04/02/2011 - 21:00 -- Bee

I have two children. I have two passports. Clearly, I should therefore get two Mother's Days.... right?

My daughter agreed but had to rush away for the weekend, telling her brother it was his turn to take care of the holiday. He however maintains that the prevalence of celebratory days cancel each other out, and thus, I do not deserve any attention at all.

Heavy sigh!

Though with both children boycotting the tomfoolery I did receive more tributes from friends and strangers. Byron took me out for a long walk around Mayfair and short visits to Dover Street Market, Liberty, and similar to choose a present, followed by coffee drinking and bus rides.

Anika (you will remember her from Seattle adventures) turned up late in the day and we wandered around the flower market, then had supper at Saf. Daniel (London by way of SF) joined us for a chat at Jaguar Shoes.

Quite an excellent day, whether or not you agree with the sentimental and specious aspects.

Happy Mothering Sunday, if yer into that kind of thing.