I saw a roach in my FRIDGE!

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Um...is that a bad sign? Really bad sign? I have never seen a cockroach before and it was crawling up the door into the fridge when i opened it. Can it be possible to get an occasional roach and not be infested? Do I throw away all the food, oh god my whole skin is crawling! Good luck with me convincing Ahmudul that he needs to call and fumigate when the electricity was somethinmg he thought was optional back in November. Oh sweet hipmamas, please tell me this isn't something to freak out about. All I can think about now is mamcat and her aunt's fridge wasn't it all infested with roaches and someone having to tent a place and I am seeing myself groggily getting up to nurse Kimmy foo foo and seeing a roach zip across her face. Am I being too paranoid? Ericka DOES NOT do creepy crawlies!


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Cockroaches freak me right the fuck out. I found this on google though:





I do know that they are attracted to warm, moist, dark places with some food and water source. I'm surprised to hear one was in your fridge, I didn't know they would even want to go in the cold like that. they are very resiliant, I know that. Part of why they freak me the fuck out. What you've got to do if you want to get rid of these fuckers is clean the holy hell out of your house, spray bleach water around all your drains, clean up every speck of dust, dirt, mold, stickiness from anything, shine a flashlight under your fridge once a day or so, you don't have to look, just move shit around, clean it up, make them want to leave, pack all your food in airtight containers as you buy it. Don't even let that package go into the pantry if you live in roach country, put it in the tupperware.

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is cheap and sometimes effective for roaches. You can also fumigate yourself with these cans you buy at a hardware store. Super bad chemicals, I'm sure, but, well, you decide. I used 'em back when I was single. But you could start with boric acid where babies and pets can't reach it. Could help. Hope it does.



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Do you live down south? I know that in FL and NC (only two places down south that I'm totally familiar with) palmetto bugs are everywhere. I swear they're just everywhere. Even if you have a clean place, one shows up every once in a while.
That said, they're still freaky as hell and I hate them. They make my skin crawl.
I don't know anything about them if they're true cockroaches though. I hope yours disappear.

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Remember that you are unique, just like everyone else.

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13 years ago, and the problem quickly grew. We used those bait traps that they walk through, get poisoned, and go back and kill the entire colonies. Very effective. I think we were roach-free within a month of using them. The fumigating cans of stuff never worked long-term.

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When my aunt's fridge had roaches in it the whole house was already infested. My parent's house when I was growing up had roaches periodically and my parents just blew it off until they saw one in or crawling out from under the fridge. Then they would bomb the house several times and a few times threw out the fridge. Then we wouldn't have roaches for a while.

Roaches are pretty gross because they carry disease around and will crawl all over everything...even you and your kids. One of my sisters when I was a kid kept having an earache, so my mom took her to the doctor. Turns out there was a roach in her ear, a big one. They flushed it out. Everytime I think about that I feel queasy. I HATE ROACHES!!!

one time after my little cousins had came over and spent the night, I saw a roach crawl out of one of the bags. I chased it from the living room through the dining room through the kitchen to the back porch, knocking over several items in my way. and smashed the hell out of it!! I just knew that sucker was probably full of eggs and trying to unleash it's spawn in my house. yeeeeech!

I don't think you are being paranoid at all. I read somewhere that for every roach you see that represents 1,000 you don't see, living in the walls and stuff. Boric acid works really really well but you have a wee child so I would be very careful with this. Put it behind your fridge and stove. Be warned, when you pull your fridge out there may be a mess of roaches there, just so you know. Such a sight...can be overwhelming and terror-inducing, lol.

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i hate roaches. I hate them so much. i hope that wasn't a roach you saw.

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Two words: Boric Acid.

Keep it away from your kids. Hell - keep it away from YOU. I had an apartment once that was so infested that we actually drilled holes in the walls and poured the boric acid down behind the plaster. It worked.

And here's a horrible, shudder inducing roach story for you - this particular apartment had no cupboards, so we stored things on a pegboard with hooks. I had one of those old 4 sided graters hanging on the wall, and I pulled it down to use one day and about a HUNDRED roaches came tumbling out. Apparently the last time I washed it I had missed one teeny, tiny shred of cheese, so an entire roach colony moved in - like a little roach apartment building.

I agree with the other mamas - if you see one in your fridge, it has friends. Those combat discs used to work well, too - but warning - they stink.

I thank God that there are no roaches here. I have no idea why - maybe it's too cold for them, too.

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My heart is racing because I am remembering a terrible roach story from when I lived in Florida. But, I won't get into that. I tried boric acid , vinegar, and roach bombs nothing worked for us. Then I bought one of those things you plug into the wall that sends out impulses or something. I didn't see another bug the rest of the time we lived there. (2 years) I don't think these things work in every situation but it worked for me.

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Palmetto bugs are just huge cockroaches that live outside and fly basically. i would use the fumigate bombs then do the traps.The bombs will kill mostly the ones you can see the traps will get the rest I would NOT use boric acid with kids in the house.try to just think of it as a regular old run of the mill bug. i would NOT step on them either becasue the eggs can still hatch. keep a disibnfectant spray around as well. i lived in 2 houses with roaches and was able to make it livable. also they can get carried in if you aren't sure how they got there and your landlord HAS to fumigate if there's an infestation.
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