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fired, yay!

why yay?

because for like the fourth time, within 24 hours of getting canned i have a new job, which is one i would have left this job for, and one i can actually be proud of and not lie at parties when asked what i "do."*

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all doubt removed: i am depressed

but the cool thing about being old is i've handled so much different shit that i know how to handle this again. my depression regime involves using some substances, while avoiding others. also, surrounding myself with awesomeness. good art, good movies, good food, good friends. that last one is hard, particularly when your best friends are also depressed, or busy with something important.

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somehow i just think this is incredibly cool:

"Norwegians raised their voices in unison on Thursday to get under the skin of admitted mass killer Anders Behring Breivik.

An estimated 40,000 people turned out in central Oslo's Youngstorget square to sing "Children of the Rainbow," a Norwegian version of "My Rainbow Race," written by American folk singer Pete Seeger.

During his trial for the killings of 77 people last summer, Breivik cited the song as an example of Marxist influence on Norwegian culture."

read the whole article here:

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Unite against the War on Women! April 28

ok i'm getting cheeky with exclamation points and such, i don't know whether this event or organization is something i would really get behind but i wanted to publicize this in time for the ladies to make arrangements if it actually is something you wanna sign on to.

ok so go here

and poke around their site and see if you're down.


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