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Marching on....

1. the internet is wonderful for immediate feedback when you do something creative

2. eating over a cupful of spinach with my breakfast

3. i think a mug of warm cocoa made from (gasp) real milk did help me get to sleep the other night

4. fresh salmon cakes for dinner last night

5. yummy leftover chicken tortilla soup for lunch today

6. classical music

7. looking forward to seeing my youngest daughter this weekend (when she & her bf come to pick up Little Dude for the afternoon)

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1. "better" (relatively speaking) sleep

2. ability to write a poem a day so far (less than a week)

3. clean hair

4. the "deluxe" version of Bisquick sour cream coffee cake

5. BBC America

6. white tea, green tea. teas teas teas

7. ginger ale

8. the tools on the iPad which make creating easier

9. Love is all you need, mo matter how you receive it

10. trying to find a routine we can stick to easily

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new "habits"

1. egg white, spinach, black bean burrito for breakfast as part of the Greens @ Breakfast Challenge

2. white tea or green tea all day long

3. green salad at lunch

4. a poem a day

5. knitting or crocheting (working up to sewing) daily

6. new creative idea I had last night

7. serious attempts to at least be in bed w/o tv & computer off by 11 pm - trying to work to 10 pm

8. continuing to get out of pjs EVERY day

9. finding Love & Home in myself

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damned insomnia

1. I am glad I tried to get sleep by turning everything off before 11 pm (it didn't work, i woke up at 3 am)

2. I am glad that instead of continuing to scratch myself silly when I woke up at 3 am I applied a good lotion

3. I am glad I decided to set an alarm to try to get us up earlier so we could really attempt a decent schedule which just might help my insomnia (even if I immediately fell back asleep due to the early morning sleep disturbance)

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Sunday, so what?

1. I wrote a poem yesterday

2. I was able to order a whole pizza with anchovies

3. I got to watch the new episode of "Being Human," as well as MOST of the marathon leading to it

4. I can upload photos once again -- that fact alone makes me want to get creative again

5. it makes me feel good to know if I were back home I'd have dates

6. it does my ego good to have emails nearly every day & ims all the time from interested fellows

7. my clothes is looser, the pounds are still off

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1. even though we overslept until almost 11 am who really cares?

2. the leftover oatmeal cake was a quick & easy "here, eat this" breakfast as soon as Little Dude climbed out of bed

3. Little Dude is getting better at sleeping ALMOST all night in his own bed & his own room (he comes once at around 4 and will go back after a hug)

4. having projects to work on as I sit all weekend watch movies with my Grandfather (while keeping him "company")

5. having clean laundry

6. having homemade brownies i the kitchen for snacking

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another Friday

1. I found a way I like oatmeal for breakfast, NOT in cookie form

2. good conversations with smart folks

3. getting compliments on my looks, my words, my choices in Life, my parenting

4. more space for us to have our own space when I need it

5. hot showers

6. bottled filtered water

7. "inheriting" another yarn stash

8. new projects

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what day is it?

1. I sleep in my own bed nearly every night, even if I don't get much sleep

2. I get dressed every day -- it had been one of my "resolutions" - no more living in my pjs

3. Since Thanksgiving I have lost 15 pounds, w/o really trying

4. I am still eating very well and do my best given I can't control what groceries there are or what gets served every day

5. I don't need quarters for the laundry

6. I have found a few brilliant distractions

7. I am not broke


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